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The Weownit Cranberry Co. is a value-added cranberry product supplier located in Jonesport, Maine.

Jonesport is a small coastal community of about 1500 residents, many of whom are fishermen. The area is known for its gorgeous scenery and its many islands, which dot the surrounding ocean. These islands are home to a variety of species of wildlife, flocks of ducks, gulls, terns, Canadian geese, and bald eagles, to name a few. Along the shores and on the ledges you'll find seals. Occasionally, dolphins, porpoises, and whales are seen further offshore. On some of these islands, crops of wild cranberries grow, nourished only by the rain and frequent ocean fog. It is in this environment that Weownit Cranberry Co. exists.

My family has been in the food business for many years, starting with my grandfather Max who was a master baker who had his own bakery in New York City. His oldest daughter, my mother Eleanore, studied to be a dietitian at Pratt Institute in New York. My background in food service began when I studied home economics education at the University of Maine at Orono.

My goals for Weownit Cranberry Co. include producing a great product and offering it at a fair price.

The novelty cranberry candies, featuring Moose Poops, Puffin Eggs, Loon Eggs, Lobster Eggs, and chocolate and yogurt covered blueberries are made with dried, sweetened berries and high-quality chocolate and yogurt shells. And for those of you who just want a nutritious, delicious snack, there are the dried, sweetened cranberries available in several convenient sizes.

Your satisfaction with my product is my number one goal.

Lina T. Beal

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