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Dried Cranberries ~ naturally sweetened

Our all-natural dried sweetened cranberries retain the luscious, moist taste of the fresh cranberry. The sweet tangy berry is naturally fat-free with no artificial color or preservatives.

sweetened dried cranberries

Sweetened Dried Cranberries

1 oz, $1.21
4 oz, $3.05
1 LB, $9.55
5 LB, $31.92

Sweetened Dried Cranberries
with Walnuts

1 oz, $1.26
4 oz, $3.10
1 LB, $11.03
5 LB, $35.70

A few ways to enjoy dried cranberries...

  • You can eat them right from the bag as a healthy snack.
  • Get creative and toss dried sweetened cranberries into your cereals and salads.
  • Add some to your stuffing and surprise your family and friends.
  • Dried sweetened cranberries can be used in any recipe calling for dried fruit or raisins.
  • Want more ideas? Order our two-volume cranberry recipe book.

Storage life of dried cranberries

Our dried cranberries have a long shelf life ranging from 2-3 months in the cupboard, 5-6 months if refrigerated, or 5-6 years if frozen.

The cranberry is a native North American fruit. Native Americans combined crushed cranberries with dried deer meat and melted fat to make a convenient, high-energy food called pemmican.

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