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Weownit Cranberry Company will be closed for the winter
from October 15, 2015 to May 7, 2016.

Dried cranberries, sweetened to perfection!

Our moist and luscious premium dried sweetened cranberries are sure to satisfy. We combine our sweetened cranberries with only the freshest and finest ingredients so you can experience the berry's true flavor. Our cranberry items are created in small batches so you can enjoy them at peak freshness.

cranberry candy and blueberry candy

Four candy sizes to choose from

All of our cranberry and blueberry candies are available in 1-oz, 4-oz, 5-oz, and 1-LB packages.

The smaller packages make great stocking stuffers, while the 1-LB package is perfect for the serious candy lover!

Cranberry recipe of the season

Low-fat Peach Cranberry Muffins » is our featured dried cranberry recipe. Peach puree, cranberries and yogurt help keep muffins moist and low in fat. You'll find this recipe and more in our very own "Cranberry Recipes from Downeast Maine" two-volume recipe book set.

A fun cranberry fact. Did you know...

Cranberries do not grow in water. Their fruit grows on vines in "bogs" which consist of layers of sand, peat moss, gravel and clay.

cranberry candiesMOOSE POOPS Dried cranberries dipped in
semi-sweet chocolate
PUFFIN EGGS Dried cranberries
dipped in yogurt
cranberry candiesLOBSTER EGGS Dried cranberries
with a hard candy shell is the online store
for Weownit Cranberry Company of Maine

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